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DISCLAIMER: The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (ECG) wishes to inform the general public that our attention has been drawn to an announcement circulating on social media claiming that ECG is recruiting to enhance its workforce. +++ We wish to state categorically that this announcement is false and should be ignored. +++ The general public is to note that, when such announcement is officially made, it will be advertised in print media, on radio and television and can be verified on the ECG Website ( and our social media handles. +++

ECG Metering and Billing System

The Electricity Company of Ghana has taken note of various complaints from our customers and stakeholders regarding our meters and billing. The meters installed to bill and calculate customers’ consumption go through rigorous standardisation and calibration processes according to approved national and international procedures. ECG has a modern metering laboratory facility comparable to any in the world to test the meters to ensure they meet all the standards before installation.

ECG, with the support of the World Bank under the Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP), introduced a new billing system, Commercial Management System (CMS) to improve our billing system. Since its inception in May, 2015, a total of 8.5 million bills have been produced. Out of this total, some billing anomalies of 7,823 have been identified. So far, 4,050 of anomaly 


bills produced are yet to be resolved. The outstanding anomalies/over-billing will be corrected by the end of June 2016.

So far almost all concerns surrounding the application of the software have been addressed, and it is important to state that there is no problem with the CMS software. The issues are the usual challenges that accompany the initial application of every new system. Customers who have complaints are to visit the Help Desk set up in all our Regional and District offices.

As a customer-oriented organisation, transparency is a very critical aspect of our business. We therefore want to assure all our customers and the general public to have confidence in our metering and billing system.

The Electricity Company of Ghana wishes to take this opportunity to extend its gratitude to its customers and stakeholders for their support, and also apologise for the inconvenience caused them.








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